EWC - 16V "The RigMan"

205,00 €

The 16V is designed to hold a minimum of 16 medium-sized effects pedals: 8 top and 8 bottom.

The “RigMan” is the guitarist’s pedalboard that you recognize from the first note. Here the sound identity is almost a religion, it converts the emotional potential into a singular experience, which awakens the senses, creates magic and sometimes even allows you to hear the echo of a distant time…

Third pedalboard of the “Vintage” range equipped with a fifth level to accommodate in addition to classic pedals and mini pedals. Pedals whose dimensions are often out of the ordinary such as old vintage pedals, expression pedals, speaker simulators , loopers, switchers, etc.

! The Power Supply Fixing Kit is sold separately from the pedalboards because it depends on the brand for the position of the shuko socket (front; behind or on the side), and the size of the block, the sum of which is twice the height + the length (2 xh + L) must be between 18 cm minimum and 26 cm maximum.

Specs : 

Référence : EWC-8140-16V
Pedal number : de 16 à 18
Dimensions (L x l x h) : 81 x 40 x 9cm
Board weight : 2,9 kg
Supplied with a 2cm thick cover, equipped with a shoulder strap for transport.
Delivered with: 4.25 m of velvet Velcro for attaching the pedals to the board and 1.80 m of Velcro hook to equip up to 18 pedals.