EWC – 8′ “The FrontMan”

The 8M is designed to hold a minimum of 8 medium-sized effects pedals: 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom.

The “FrontMan” is the pedalboard of the effective and radical gunslinger, guitarist-singer of a group without concessions and without frills. Designed for frontmen, its ideal size can accommodate 6 pedals + a Wha, and its backpack cover makes it the pedalboard for those who don’t just have the guitar to manage.

! The PSU Mounting Kit is sold separately from the pedalboards because it depends on the brand for the position of the shuko socket (front; behind or on the side), and the size of the block, the sum of which is twice the height + the length (2 xh + L) must be between 18 cm minimum and 26 cm maximum.

Reference: EWC-4632-8M
Number of pedals from 8 to 10
Dimensions (L x W x H): 46 x 32 x 8.5cm
Board weight: 1.3 kg
Supplied with a 2cm thick cover, equipped with backpack straps for transport.
Delivered with: 2m of velvet Velcro for attaching the pedals to the board and 1m of Velcro hook to equip up to 10 pedals.


Référence : 4632-8

Nombre de pédales de 8 à 10

Dimensions (L x l x h) : 46 x 32 x 8,5cm

Poids de la board : 1,9 kg

Fournis avec une housse de 2cm d’épaisseur, équipée de sangle sac à dos pour le transport.

Livré avec: 2m de Velcro velours pour la fixation des pédales sur la board et 1m de Velcro crochet pour équiper jusqu’à 10 pédales.

* Les supports d’alimentations universelles sont vendus séparément selon les dimensions de l’alim.