EWC – 12M “The FreeMan”

The 12M is designed to hold a minimum of 12 medium-sized effects pedals: 6 top and 6 bottom.

With more surface area than empty 😉 the 12M is particularly suited to accommodate classic pedals as well as modern pedals such as mini pedals.

The PSU Mounting Kit is sold separately from the pedalboards as it depends on the brand for the position of the shuko plug (front; back or side), and the size of the block, the sum of which is twice the height + the length (2 xh + L) must be between 18 cm minimum and 26 cm maximum.

Reference: EWC-6132-12M
Number of pedals from 12 to 14
Dimensions (L x W x H): 61 x 32 x 9cm
Board weight: 1.8 kg
Supplied with a 2cm thick cover, equipped with a shoulder strap for transport.
Delivered with: 2.60 m of velvet Velcro for attaching the pedals to the board and 1.40 m of Velcro hook to equip up to 14 pedals.


Référence : 6132-12M

Nombre de pédales de 12 à 14

Dimensions (L x l x h) : 61 x 32 x 9cm Poids de la board : 1,50 kg

Fournis avec une housse de 2cm d’épaisseur, équipée d’une sangle d’épaule pour le transport.

Livré avec: 2,60 m de Velcro velours pour la fixation des pédales sur la board et 1,40m de Velcro crochet pour équiper jusqu’à 14 pédales.

* Les supports d’alimentations universelles sont vendus séparément selon les dimensions de l’alim.