Mounting Kit for power supply

Screws directly under pedalboards


All of EWC pedalboards (excep the 6′) are made to receive powers supplies.
We’ve create for this purpose power supplies which can be screwed directly in the wood under pedalboards. Easy to implement (exactly 4 minutes), this permit an appreciable space saving and greatly weakens wiring of pedal effect with different voltages : Tutorial : Mounting kit for power supply 

Mounting kit for power supply block is send separatly of pedalboards because it’s brand function for the shuko outlet position (in front, behind or on the side).  Height of block, whose some is twice the height + length (2 x h + L) have to be between 18 cm minimum and 26 cm maximum.

Spec : 

2 metal square (mm) : L60 x l20 x h20
1 strap with buckle of Velcro®
4 phillips head wood screw : 10x4mm